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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is WinWedge and what does it do?

WinWedge is essentially a user configurable serial device driver. It allows you to input data from a device connected to a serial port on your PC directly into any other Windows program. For example, a customer might use WinWedge to input scale data into a web form or shipping software by pressing a hot key. Another customer might use WinWedge to collect readings from a force gauge into Excel and generate a real-time visualization of the data. The possibilities are nearly endless and we provide free and unlimited support to help you tailer WinWedge to your own needs.

Is WinWedge easy to use?

Yes. It is extremely easy to use! The configuration process is fully menu driven and has complete, context sensitive, on-line help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications. Once you see how easy it is to use WinWedge, you will never again take data readings by hand!

What are the compatibility requirements for WinWedge?

WinWedge and TCPWedge will work with ANY Windows program and all versions of Windows including Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Pro version offers support for a far wider range of serial devices including sophisticated industrial and laboratory instruments. Both Winwedge Standard and Professional are small applications that can run with minimal system requirements.

What instruments does WinWedge support?

WinWedge supports ANY instrument that you can plug into the serial port (RS232, RS422 or RS485) of your PC. Typical devices include gages, scales, sensors, meters, bar code readers, micrometers, densitometers, pH meters, CMMs, PLCs, communication systems, laboratory instruments, etc...

Is WinWedge 100% accurate and reliable?

WinWedge fully buffers all input so your data will never be "lost" or inaccurate. It is in use in thousands of mission critical applications worldwide. Since the first SoftwareWedge for DOS and for Windows was released, it has proven itself completely reliable in many thousands of applications world wide.

Can WinWedge send commands to my device?

In addition to collecting incoming data, WinWedge can send commands or data strings to your serial devices. For instance, you can prompt your device for data at a timed interval, send acknowledgement strings, or even easily create hot keys and buttons that collect and transfer the most recent device reading.

What are the advantages of WinWedge Professional?

WinWedge Professional has many advanced features and benefits, including the ability to collect data from networked and internet devices (not just serial!), log data directly to a disk file, and allows for more powerful parsing techniques and math functions. WinWedge Professional also bundles together many of our popular software products into one package, including TCP-Wedge, TCP-Com, File-Wedge, and more.

How does data get from WinWedge to my other application?

WinWedge transfers data to other applications by either entering it in the highlighted text field or cell (just like typing on a keyboard) or by passing the data using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). The keystroke method is extremely simple. Serial data just "pops" into your application as if it were being typed in! This method is the most popular as it is so easy to use. The DDE method enables to you to transfer data in the background and create extremely sophisticated data acquisition and device control interfaces. WinWedge also lets you add additional keystrokes or DDE commands and, if your application supports it (like Excel) you can even automate real-time data charting and analysis.

Will I receive updates to products that I have already purchased?

Minor Update
Occasionally we will update a product to fix a problem or we will add a new feature. For all minor releases - you can simply download the latest version of your software, uninstall the existing copy and then install the new version. You should not need to reenter the unlock key and there is no cost for the update.

Major Update
TALtech may charge an upgrade fee for major upgrades. Once you've paid the upgrade fee you are entitled to free minor upgrades for that release stream. For example, if you pay the upgrade fee for B-Coder 4.0 (from B-Coder 3.x), you will be entitled to all minor upgrades in the 4.x release stream.

Is there a downloadable demo of WinWedge?

No. Instead of a demo version of WinWedge, we offer a full 90-day money back guarantee. During the first three months, our customers can use and evaluate WinWedge while having access to our free and unlimited technical support. This allows them to quickly and efficiently setup WinWedge with their unique applications and determine if WinWedge is the right tool.

Is Technical Support available if I need help?

Yes. Not only is the software extremely easy to use, it also comes with unlimited FREE technical support by phone, fax and email, a clearly written manual and on-line help. To ensure your satisfaction, all TAL software products are covered by a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

WinWedge Standard

Single PC License* $299

WinWedge Professional

Single PC License* $499
Pricing & Ordering 90 Day Guarantee

* Multi PC/Workstation licenses are also available.


"I highly recommend WinWedge for data collection from RS232 devices - especially its ability to easily edit serial data to your requirements. Great Program!"

Jim Bartell Engineer, Cinema Products Corp.

"I got a lead on WinWedge from another user. I bought the software and it works GREAT! I love this program! It has saved me hours of research and programming time! Well worth it!"

Ed Grainger Hamilton, Ontario