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Comparison Chart

Collect Data from Devices
Serial Devices (RS232,RS485,...)      
USB devices with Virtual COM Port Drivers      
TCP/IP Devices      
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections 16   100
Transfer Data to Any Windows Application
Transfer Data As Keystrokes
Send data to any windows program directly to the location of your cursor or the highlighted area.
Transfer Data As DDE
Transfer data through the background to any Windows program that accepts DDE commands like Excel and Access.
Automatically Update a Chart in Excel
Log data down a column or row in Excel and watch your graph update automatically.
Insert Data to An Access Form or Table
Automatically send device data to a specific form field in Access, even if the user doesn't have it selected.
Log data to a File
Allows data to be collected to a file in the background while another program is in the foreground.
Core Features
Analyze and view your device's output
A Powerful Serial Data Analyzer feature allows you to preview serial data and debug all serial communications problems.
Split data into multiple fields
Split incoming data into multiple fields based on delimiting characters or byte length.
Selectively ignore fields and filter numeric data
Input only the data you need, ignoring the rest.
Advanced data parsing, filtering and formatting
Advanced techniques to give you ultimate control of sophisticated data structures.
Send additional keystrokes to your application
Define Keystrokes like Enter or Tab to be sent to your application along with your device's data.
Date and Time Stamping
Place date and time stamps directly in your serial input data.
Send Commands and Control Your Device
Button Controlled Output
Configure up to 20 buttons with specific commands for your device.
Automatic Data Acknowledgment
Sends a string back to the serial device after each data record has been received.
Timer Controlled Output
Configure a timer to automatically send a command, Toggle the DTR line, or issue a break signal.
Customize Hot Keys to control WinWedge
Define up to 50 Hot Keys to transmit commands or control common WinWedge functions.
Assign multiple functions to a single Hot Key      
Advanced Features
Pre-Input translation tables
Translate or remove specific incoming characters before being received or processed.
Pre-Transfer translation tables
Translate incoming ASCII characters to other characters to specific PC keystrokes.
Powerful math functions
Apply standard and many advanced math functions to incoming serial data.
Translate binary or hex data to ASCII
Communicate with devices that send data in Binary or Hex format.
Powerful Data Formatting Functions
Enables you to format incoming serial data before passing it on to another program. Custom tailor your data so that it will be in the exact format required by the receiving application.
Advanced keystroke macro insertion
Add additional keystrokes or keystroke macros before, after, or within your serial input data. Keystroke macros allow you to control where and how serial data appears in the target application program in Keystroke Mode.
Add a delay before & after keystrokes
Pause between keystrokes and data to allow for the processing time of your application.
Send keystrokes to DOS or Terminal Server
Send keystrokes directly into DOS windows or applications running through terminal servers.
Ultimate Control and Flexibility with DDE
Full set of DDE commands
Precise control over all serial I/O functions directly from within your other Windows application programs.
Send a DDE Command to your application
Define a single DDE Command to be sent to your application when WinWedge receives a new record.
Send multiple DDE commands to application
Configure Record Preamble and Field Postamble DDE Commands to be sent to your application each time WinWedge receives a reading.
Serial Output Buffer
Place a Serial Output Buffer directly in any application that supports DDE. For example turn a cell in a spreadsheet into a serial output buffer so anything you type in that cell would be sent out through the serial port to your device.
Works With Your Device's Settings
Fully Selectable Communications Parameters
Select the baud rate (110-115,000); 5,6,7, or 8 data bits; 1 or 2 stop bits; even, odd, mark, space, or no parity; hardware or software flow control.
Selectable input and output buffer sizes
Supports 128 bytes to 32K buffer size.
Supports high speed 16550 UARTs and all IRQs.      
Support for up to 115,200 baud communications      
Testing & Diagnosis Features
View the raw data output from your device
Open the Port Analyze window to view the device's output and sent it commands.
Virtual Instrument Mode
Activate in Virtual Instrument Mode to create a virtual device.
Resize Analyze window for long data records.
Allows you to view long data records in the Analyze Window.
Includes an Advanced Suite of Applications
Adds TCP/IP Support: Collect data from IP port addresses on any TCP/IP network - ethernet/Internet.
TCP-Com allows any of the existing serial (RS232) ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network.
FileWedge parses, filters and formats file data from any disk file before inputting it into other applications either as keystrokes or by DDE. Log data to disk using WinWedge Pro or ComFile then use FileWedge to feed the data into an application later.
TCPFile allows you to easily log TCP/IP data from any number of TCP/IP ports directly to disk files.
ComFile allows you to easily log RS232 Serial data from up to 16 serial ports directly to disk files.

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"How efficient and easy-to-use your WinWedge program is! Obtaining data from our gauges is now a trivial task."

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