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Virtual Serial Splitter Cable

Normally Windows will not allow two or more serial communications programs to open the same serial port at the same time. You can overcome this restriction by using TCP/Com to feed data from a physical RS232 serial port to multiple “Virtual” serial ports. Each program can open it's own virtual serial port but still communicate with the same physical serial device.

Use TCP-Com to feed data from one physical RS232 port to multiple RS232 serial communications programs.

If you have an RS232 device connected to a com port on your Windows PC you can only connect to that com port with one software application. If you need to communicate with that device from 2 Windows applications you would have to use a "splitter cable" to make the RS232 data come in on 2 separate com ports. This would also require you to purchase another com port.

To bypass this limitation, TCP/Com is designed to make the RS232 device data on the one com port apprear on as many virtual com ports as you need. In this way TCP/Com acts as Virtual Serial Splitter, or "Y", Cable and allows all your Windows serial communications applications to access a device on just one com port! See diagram, above, for how it works.


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Two PC License* $299
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