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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TCP/Com and what can it do?

TCP/Com is a very flexible software that interfaces with both COM ports and TCP/IP ports. It is designed to be able to adapt to a variety of applications, including making a serial port accessible over the network, routing a TCP/IP connection to a hardware serial device, splitting a single COM port into multiple virtual COM ports, and much more.

Can TCP-Com connect to any COM Port?

Yes, TCP-Com can establish a connection with, or create, COM Ports 1-256 (the maximum allowed by Windows).

Is UDP supported in TCP-Com

Yes, TCP-Com has support for UDP in addition to TCP/IP.

Can TCP-Com detect a failed TCP/IP connection?

Yes, if TCP-Com is set up to act as the 'client', it can ping the server at a customizable frequency to detect a failed connection.

Is Technical Support available if I need help?

Yes. Not only is the software extremely easy to use, it also comes with unlimited FREE technical support by phone, fax and email, a clearly written manual and on-line help. To ensure your satisfaction, all TAL software products are covered by a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Do you ship TCP/Com or is it only available as a download?

We do not ship physical media of TCP/Com to our customers. Instead, we offer the convenience of download. TCP/Com is sold as an unlockable demo, which means that you would first download the demo and order the software. Once you place your order, we will email you with instructions on unlocking the software to convert the demo version into a fully registered copy.

Will I receive updates to products that I have already purchased?

Minor Update
Occasionally we will update a product to fix a problem or we will add a new feature. For all minor releases - you can simply download the latest version of your software, uninstall the existing copy and then install the new version. You should not need to reenter the unlock key and there is no cost for the update.

Major Update
TALtech may charge an upgrade fee for major upgrades. Once you've paid the upgrade fee you are entitled to free minor upgrades for that release stream. For example, if you pay the upgrade fee for B-Coder 4.0 (from B-Coder 3.x), you will be entitled to all minor upgrades in the 4.x release stream.


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