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Barcode DLLs Demo

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Manuals, guides, and other documentation.

Barcode DLLs Manual

Barcode DLLs Informational Brochure


Supplemental files and examples for using the software.

Simple VB6 Sample Project

This file contains a very simple Visual Basic 6 program that demonstrates how to print bar codes directly to a printer by calling the TAL Bar Code DLLs.

Intermediate VB6 Sample Project

This file contains an intermediate level Visual Basic 6 program that demonstrates simple label printing and DLL calling conventions.

Simple VB.NET Example

This file contains a very basic example of how to call the TAL barcode DLLs from a VB.Net program and both display and print barcodes. The file is a ZIP file containing a complete VB Dot Net project along with a demo version of the TAL Code 39 bar code DLL (TALC3932.DLL). Note: after extracting the project files from the ZIP file, you will need to copy the DLL file (TALC3932.DLL) into your C:\Windows\System file folder before running the VB.Net sample code.

Visual Basic Barcode Class Module Demo

This file contains a sample VB class module that wraps up the functionality of the linear TAL Bar Code DLLs in a Visual Basic Class. This code sample also contains an example routine that shows how to convert the metafiles produced by the TAL Bar Code DLLs to a Picture object that is compatible with a VB PictureBox or the VB PaintPicture method.

Powerbuilder Calling Conventions

Download a Word document containing information on PowerBuilder DLL calling conventions.

Access 97 Example

This example demonstrates how to call the TAL Bar Code DLLs from MS Access.

Access 97 Example Database

This sample database shows how to create barcodes and generate reports and labels. Note: This file only contains a demo of the Code 39 DLL. If you would like to use this database with any of the other DLLs you will need to purchase the commercial release of the DLLs. This file does not contain any sample DLLs, therefore you must have the commercial release of the TAL Barcode DLLs to use this example.